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a day out in London 22.04.10

I had to go and renew my passport today. In itself a mission of paperwork and information, and I just realised I gave them the wrong date for my divorce!!! Oh well. Let’s hope they don’t notice.    The weather has been just glorious lately and after I got through the formalities I went walk-about… of my favourite pastimes, especially in London.  There is always something new to see and photograph. Needless to say I took well over 200 photos again 🙂 but here is just one….mmm maybe a few that you may enjoy.

The first thing I noticed that it was business as usual in the sky:

business as usual....the planes are back in our skies

I got into Whitehall real early and the sun was shining right onto Nelsons column at Trafalgar Square!   

sunshine on my shoulder......I bet he would sing that song if he could! Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square

This is one place I never miss out when I go walk-about in London.  This area holds some wonderful memories for me.

so many places to little time! Big Ben in London

By the time I got home late yesterday afternoon, I had discovered muscles and joints I had forgotten about! 🙂


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Trafalgar Square

I love nothing more than to go walk-about through London, walking through places known and unknown.  Sometimes I discover the most amazing things, others I re-discover places I have been before but in at a different time of day.  I am constantly delighted by the wonders that this city holds.   I was on one of these jaunts on the 17.03.10 and after walking a winding route found myself in Trafalgar Square. It was by then about 7pm and the wind was blowing causing the spray in the fountains to go off in different directions. I took this photo without much expectation of anything wonderful……till I saw the rainbow 🙂

a rainbow at night

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