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The treasures of London

If you get me started on London, you’d be hard pressed to shut me up again LOL

I love nothing more than going walkabout through the streets. I couple of months ago I spent the night in London at the YHA Hostel in Earls Court. I had some time to kill in the morning so went for a ‘stroll’ from Earls Court to Kensington Palace. On the way I stopped at the V&A Museum. I love this museum, so many amazing items and rooms filled to the brim with treasures and awesome artefacts. You need repeated visits to be able to visit all the exhibits and collections. The first indication of these amazing ‘things to see’ is the fabulous Dale Chihuly chandelier in the foyer. It always takes my breath away.


Dale Chihuly at the V&A Museum

I spent a short while visiting a temporary exhibition featuring John Lockwood Kipling, Rudyard Kipling’s father and his time in India.  Fascinating. I then meandered over to Kensington Palace. My Historic Royal Palaces membership was due to expire the following day and since I had just been to visit Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, I felt a visit to KP, the childhood home of Queen Victoria was in order. It never fails to impress me. There is a newish exhibition featuring Victoria over the years just above the foyer on the 1st floor. I’ve visited KP many many times and this is the first time I had seen this particular set up. I tried to find out when it was first opened, to no avail. But nonetheless it was a stunning exhibition and as always I had to capture at least another of many images of the statue of Victoria at the front of the palace. Her daughter Princess Louise (Duchess of Argyll) designed the statue in 1893. The marble statue shows her mother, Queen Victoria, in her coronation robes in 1837 at the age of 18



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Queen Victoria

Last week I went walk-about through London to gather material, take photos and track the route for my itineraries.  I started off at Green Park station and made my way thru the park to Buckingham Palace.  I have done this dozens of times since living in the UK so the scenery was nothing new.  But…….sometimes the elements conspire to create the perfect setting for a marvellous photo, and this has become one of my favourites.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria memorial at Buckingham Palace

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Communing with the Angels

a couple of weeks ago I had the day off and went to St Paul’s Cathedral in London.  It was not the first time I had been to St Paul’s but it was the first time I paid to go in and to do the tour (highly recommended).   While walking about the Cathedral and being overwhelmed by the sheer beauty, I decided to brave the climb and do the Whispering Gallery.  Wow!!! It was quite awesome to see the cathedral from that view.  However, not to be shy I then decided to climb the rest of the stairs to the next level..Stone Gallery and since I was there….climbed even further to the Golden Gallery….this is what I saw: 


view of London from the Golden Gallery of St Paul's Cathedral

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The King’s Wardrobe

I had the good fortune to go walk-about through EC4 in London on Saturday.  I started at St Paul’s and meandered my way around streets both narrow and broad, finding amazing sights and beautiful buildings along the way.  I am constantly surprised by the quaint and curious on every trip!

Amongst all the wonderful things I saw on Saturday, I was delighted to find a quiet square just off one of the roads, named ‘The Kings Wardrobe’.  On one of the walls was a blue plaque, and lo and behold…this was really the site of The King’s Wardrobe.

The site of the King's Wardrobe - destroyed in the Great Fire 1666

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…and Pooh said “tut, tut looks like rain”.

The last couple of days, no make that the last few days, in London have been absolutely wonderful; long hot sunny days.  Real picnic weather that leaves you wanting to lie on plaid blankets spread out on springy, green lawns; sipping chilled champagne and nibbling fresh juicy strawberries. 🙂

Today was no different with a splendid start to the day, that lasted till just before tea.  At about 4pm after working away at my computer for hours, I made a much needed and welcome cup of tea and sat myself down in front of the window upstairs to enjoy a moment of respite. 

Outside in the holly tree that stands tall and proud, a blackbird trilled his song; a variety of melodies that enchant the senses with it’s range of notes and beauty.

As I looked out enjoying the green of the leafy trees and the song of the blackbird I noticed big black rain clouds approaching fast across the sky….and the words of Pooh; “tut, tut it looks like rain” had barely left my mouth than the rain began to fall – lovely great big, fat plump drops that splashed on the ground, sending a spray of droplets through the air.

Marvellous, cooling rain – feeding the foliage and cleansing the air. Love it. 🙂

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St Sepulchre’s lilac tulip

I went walk-about through London yesterday and on my walk I came across the Church of St Sepulchre. In the churchyard were masses of beautiful tulips some pink some lilac. I noticed this particular bloom and just loved the way the petals folded together. The colour is soft as silk, a bit like mother-of-pearl. The St Sepulchre’s Church is mentioned in the nursery rhyme ‘Oranges and Lemons’

liliac tulip at St Sepulchre's

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colours of the spectrum

and now we have bluebells

Spring in the UK is just about the most amazing sight you could wish to behold.  It’s like you have stumbled into a rainbow.  First we have the snowdrops, to herald the new season and reminding us of the magic of new life after winter

first come the snowdrops, a delight in pure white

then we get the daffodils, a wave of brightly bobbing delightful yellow heads, brightening up the world

bright yellow bobbing heads, like a splash of sunshine

 then the tulips unfold a riot of colours, their petals hiding pretty faces 

then the tulips with their fabulous colours

 and then we get the bluebells

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Oval tube station

On one of the rare times I am free and in London at the same time, I accompanied my daughter to watch her play netball.  It was the first time I had been to Oval tubestation and was delighted to see these images on the walls.  I love how TFL decorate some of their tube stations.

image at Oval tubestation

decorative images at Oval tubestation

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The London Eye at dusk

The London Eye on the river Thames

London is an amazing beautiful city, ever changing yet constantly the same, with many moods.  No matter the weather, wherever you are in London there is something beautiful to see.  This photo was taken on 18.03.2010 at about 6pm from the Embankment

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Trafalgar Square

I love nothing more than to go walk-about through London, walking through places known and unknown.  Sometimes I discover the most amazing things, others I re-discover places I have been before but in at a different time of day.  I am constantly delighted by the wonders that this city holds.   I was on one of these jaunts on the 17.03.10 and after walking a winding route found myself in Trafalgar Square. It was by then about 7pm and the wind was blowing causing the spray in the fountains to go off in different directions. I took this photo without much expectation of anything wonderful……till I saw the rainbow 🙂

a rainbow at night

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