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Ironbridge, Shropshire

As part of my ongoing travel project; Project 101, I recently visited a delightful village in Shropshire; Ironbridge – birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

As part of the project, I’m visiting 101 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the Ironbridge Gorge, as well as the bridge that gave the area it’s name, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

This truly unique bridge, built in 1779 and opened on New Year’s Day 1781; was the first single-span arch bridge in the world made of cast iron. Located in the stunning Severn Gorge spanning the River Severn – the U.K.’s longest river, Ironbridge is an absolute delight.

Located on the lower reaches of the Severn Gorge, the town gets its name from the iron bridge.

This spectacular wooded gorge and the river that runs through it, was once an industrial powerhouse with numerous industries: pipe making, tile making and china ceramics amongst others.

I can highly recommend a visit. I’ll write more about the visit on my blog in due course. Meanwhile visit my blog where you can read more about Project 101


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East Cowes, Isle of Wight

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought Osborne House near East Cowes as a seaside home for them and their family.

Cowes Isle of Wight, seaside towns of england, islands of the united kingdom,

East Cowes, Isle of Wight

When I visited Osborne House I managed to get down to the harbour…how beautiful is this!

Cowes is famous for it’s annual boat race.

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It’s alright on the Isle of Wight

There is a tree that guides me……

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It’s alright on the Isle of Wight

I was so lucky to have spent 2 weeks on the Isle of Wight, and I spent most of my free time walking and visiting places nearby. This tree always guided me back to where I needed to be.

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Sunrise over The Solent

I recently travelled to the Isle of Wight for a job. The house was delightfully close to the seafront, so on days when I could see it was going to be a great sunrise, I was able to slip out for a few minutes and enjoy the privilege.


It reminds me of a quote that I love:

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Marcus Aurelius : 121-180

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along the Thames

One of my favourite things to do in life is to walk; along the beach, across hills, along lanes, exploring cities and towns and in particular….along the Thames. A tidal and working river, the Thames is constantly in motion and change. No matter which day, you will always see something different. This particular stretch is between Thames Ditton and Kingston. I took a walk last week Tuesday from TD to K and back again during my break. A beautiful day with the crisp feel of spring in the air.

IMAG2197 - kingston 2016

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…and Pooh said “tut, tut looks like rain”.

The last couple of days, no make that the last few days, in London have been absolutely wonderful; long hot sunny days.  Real picnic weather that leaves you wanting to lie on plaid blankets spread out on springy, green lawns; sipping chilled champagne and nibbling fresh juicy strawberries. 🙂

Today was no different with a splendid start to the day, that lasted till just before tea.  At about 4pm after working away at my computer for hours, I made a much needed and welcome cup of tea and sat myself down in front of the window upstairs to enjoy a moment of respite. 

Outside in the holly tree that stands tall and proud, a blackbird trilled his song; a variety of melodies that enchant the senses with it’s range of notes and beauty.

As I looked out enjoying the green of the leafy trees and the song of the blackbird I noticed big black rain clouds approaching fast across the sky….and the words of Pooh; “tut, tut it looks like rain” had barely left my mouth than the rain began to fall – lovely great big, fat plump drops that splashed on the ground, sending a spray of droplets through the air.

Marvellous, cooling rain – feeding the foliage and cleansing the air. Love it. 🙂

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