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It’s alright on the Isle of Wight

There is a tree that guides me……

sunset, the solent, travel to the isle of wight, It's alright on the Isle of Wight, the solent,

It’s alright on the Isle of Wight

I was so lucky to have spent 2 weeks on the Isle of Wight, and I spent most of my free time walking and visiting places nearby. This tree always guided me back to where I needed to be.


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snow in London 2010

One of the things I love most about winter in the UK is the possibility of snow and this year has brought an early gift!  I have loved being aboe to get out an take photos of some of my favourite places…..

I just love that stands so tall - majestically surveying the land around

I have managed to take a walk on Hampstead Heath and visited the viaduct bridge which looks ethereal, the pond completely frozen over!

hampstead heath

the viaduct bridge and pond on Hampstead Heath

Winter is prime time for interesting photography and I enjoy walking across Hampstead Heath to see how different it is to summer!

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the colours this autumn are fabulous

I had to share this photo! I went for a quick walk through Waterlow Park this morning to look at the trees and get some photos for a video I am trying to create. I found this fabulous tree next to the bridge between the upper and lower ponds.

Waterlow Park

beautiful acer tree in Waterlow Park

a flow of red lava

vibrant red

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My absolute favourite season in this country is autumn.  I love the crispy mornings, the busyness of the birds, the way the leaves change colour, die and fall, crunchy underfoot…. and most of all I love the colours of autumn.

autumn colours

I took this photo yesterday in a park not far from where I live, the colour of the sky was a striking blue, the evergreens….still green and the colour of these leaves were so vibrant and the air was crispy and cool. Could you wish for a more gorgeous day? Marvellous.

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…and Pooh said “tut, tut looks like rain”.

The last couple of days, no make that the last few days, in London have been absolutely wonderful; long hot sunny days.  Real picnic weather that leaves you wanting to lie on plaid blankets spread out on springy, green lawns; sipping chilled champagne and nibbling fresh juicy strawberries. 🙂

Today was no different with a splendid start to the day, that lasted till just before tea.  At about 4pm after working away at my computer for hours, I made a much needed and welcome cup of tea and sat myself down in front of the window upstairs to enjoy a moment of respite. 

Outside in the holly tree that stands tall and proud, a blackbird trilled his song; a variety of melodies that enchant the senses with it’s range of notes and beauty.

As I looked out enjoying the green of the leafy trees and the song of the blackbird I noticed big black rain clouds approaching fast across the sky….and the words of Pooh; “tut, tut it looks like rain” had barely left my mouth than the rain began to fall – lovely great big, fat plump drops that splashed on the ground, sending a spray of droplets through the air.

Marvellous, cooling rain – feeding the foliage and cleansing the air. Love it. 🙂

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animal trees

I have many favourite things that I enjoy photographing and one of them is trees, especially old trees that are gnarled and twisted or have fallen over with age.  They have fascinating shapes and I always wonder at the things they may have seen, the memories they hold. I would love to be able to talk to them and enquire, but of course that would put me in the ‘nutter’ category.  So I photograph them instead 🙂

Last weekend whilst on a walk through Hampstead Heath, I meandered as I do,….. and found this fabulous creature. I could not make up my mind which angle I prefer, so have listed both 🙂



and then I found this fabulous old tree and had loads of fun finding shapes.  As a kid I loved to lie on the grass and find shapes in the clouds, and taught my daughter to do the same as she was growing up.  I sometimes find creatures in trees. Here are a few:

alligator rearing

elephant head and trunk

prehistoric skeleton

and then a couple of other weird shapes:

rocky cliffs

a fallen comrade

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