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The treasures of London

If you get me started on London, you’d be hard pressed to shut me up again LOL

I love nothing more than going walkabout through the streets. I couple of months ago I spent the night in London at the YHA Hostel in Earls Court. I had some time to kill in the morning so went for a ‘stroll’ from Earls Court to Kensington Palace. On the way I stopped at the V&A Museum. I love this museum, so many amazing items and rooms filled to the brim with treasures and awesome artefacts. You need repeated visits to be able to visit all the exhibits and collections. The first indication of these amazing ‘things to see’ is the fabulous Dale Chihuly chandelier in the foyer. It always takes my breath away.


Dale Chihuly at the V&A Museum

I spent a short while visiting a temporary exhibition featuring John Lockwood Kipling, Rudyard Kipling’s father and his time in India.  Fascinating. I then meandered over to Kensington Palace. My Historic Royal Palaces membership was due to expire the following day and since I had just been to visit Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, I felt a visit to KP, the childhood home of Queen Victoria was in order. It never fails to impress me. There is a newish exhibition featuring Victoria over the years just above the foyer on the 1st floor. I’ve visited KP many many times and this is the first time I had seen this particular set up. I tried to find out when it was first opened, to no avail. But nonetheless it was a stunning exhibition and as always I had to capture at least another of many images of the statue of Victoria at the front of the palace. Her daughter Princess Louise (Duchess of Argyll) designed the statue in 1893. The marble statue shows her mother, Queen Victoria, in her coronation robes in 1837 at the age of 18



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Time here becomes space

Time here truly becomes space…..Leadenhall Market is timeless; one of the oldest markets in London and one of my most favourite places to visit. The market dates from the 14th century and stands on what was the centre of Roman London.

leadenhall market, city of london, roman history

Time here becomes space

The ornate roof structure, painted green, maroon and cream, and cobbled floors of the current structure were designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones

Typically open weekdays from 10 am until 6 pm.

Location: Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT – access also via Whittington Street

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A portal through time

Temple Church is like a portal through time….

A couple of months ago my daughter, my sister and I spent a day in London, meandering the streets, visiting awesome places, going on a lunch cruise and visiting the 72nd floor of The Shard to see the sunset. On our meanderings, we visited Temple and Temple Church. The history of this place is beyond phenomenal. With links to the Crusades, the Magna Carta, the Great Fire of London, WW1 and WW2, and let us not forget The Da Vinci Code 😉 You feel that if only you could tear back the fabric of time, you would be able to experience these events and so much more between.

walking through history

Temple Church, City of London

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Spring colours in Golders Hill Park

I’m in the process of moving all my photos to Dropbox. After mucking up my hard-drive last month I finally caved in and paid for more space in Dropbox so I can safely (I hope) store my photos et al in ‘the cloud’ …..I mean really!!!

Anyway, in order to save space I’m having a blitz on my 2010 photos at which stage I had (still have) a propensity to photograph things from every conceivable angle and then some. So far I’ve deleted over a 1000 images that are either blurry or duplicates of the next five hahahaha.

Whilst clearing out the albums I came across some pics I took of the azaleas in Golders Hill Park when I was on an assignment in the area…..the colours are astounding and you can in fact see this marvellous spring display each year at the ponds.

azaleas in Golders Hill Park

azaleas in Golders Hill Park


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London history

London is amazing, of that there is no doubt. The City of London is a treasure trove of historical events that stretch back through the aeons, to tempt and tease us with their dates. On a recent visit to London we visited Temple Church, site of so many major events in the life of the city. Whilst exploring I noted this particular memorial….those dates!

city of london history

died 27 February 1668

When I see dates like this I want to dig around and find out who Johannes Williams Esq of Minster Court was. What did he think about the Great Fire of London, that burned the city to the ground just two years before he died? Did he lose all his belongings in the fire? What was his occupation? And what was his connection to Temple Church?  By looks of things he was perhaps a foreigner….did he trade here, did he die in London or elsewhere?


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along the Thames

One of my favourite things to do in life is to walk; along the beach, across hills, along lanes, exploring cities and towns and in particular….along the Thames. A tidal and working river, the Thames is constantly in motion and change. No matter which day, you will always see something different. This particular stretch is between Thames Ditton and Kingston. I took a walk last week Tuesday from TD to K and back again during my break. A beautiful day with the crisp feel of spring in the air.

IMAG2197 - kingston 2016

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memories of Richmond

One of my favourite things to do when still living in Richmond was to walk down to the riverside to see the Thames. Every day was different, every hour was different. This was taken at the bottom of the steps leading down from Twickenham Bridge. I loved the reflections on the water and never got tired of this view.

river thames twickenham bridge

River Thames at Twickenham Bridge

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secrets of London

One of my favourite things to do in London is to uncover the secret places; places hidden away, or places right there before your very eyes, that you wouldn’t know!
On Monday last I set out to uncover a few of these secret places; an occult lodge in a boutique hotel!  My first stop was the Hyatt Andaz Hotel and a Masonic Temple.

a Masonic Temple in London - ceiling

Guarded by heavy, studded doors the Grecian-style Temple is perhaps one of London’s best-kept secrets.  In its time the century-old room was considered one of the grandest Masonic temples with its marble columns & splendid zodiac ceiling; a Gothic show-stopper.
A breath-taking room; decked in twelve types of Italian marble, a stunning blue and gold ceiling decorated with the signs of the zodiac, a magnificent black and white marble floor (worth £2million) and a mahogany throne at either end.  This Grade I listed interior of marble and mahogany was built in 1912 for £50,000, the equivalent of around £4million today.

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Circle of Animals and Dancing Fountains

as mentioned in a previous post I went walkabout round London again on Sunday last week 🙂 Lucky me. I discovered so many wonderful things that I ended up taking over 400 photos! yeah, I know? madness. One of the places I visited was Somerset House. I have been there before a number of times (it’s a great short-cut from Victoria Embankment to Strand!) but this time around I was taken totally by surprise at what I discovered!

somerset house

55 dancing fountain in the courtyard of Somerset House

I discovered both these things at the same time coz they were in the same place at the same time and I was in the right place at the right time 🙂

ai weiwei exhibtion somerset house circle of animals

one of 12 wonderful sculptures by Ai Weiwei - Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads on display in the courtyard

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finding Confucius

On Sunday last week I had the opportunity to go walkabout throught the streets of London.  I discover many fascinating places, buildings, sculptures and historic streets and parks on these excursions.  One of the places I stumbled across was King’s College London where I found this delightful statue in the gardens.

kings college london

Confucius say "stop a while and enjoy the sunshine"

in the next little garden was this rather lovely fountain…..

how pretty is that! exactly what I would like in my garden

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