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In my job I often get to care for and work with people who are at end of life; dying. There are tears, reminisces, anger, aches and pains and sometimes acceptance, sometimes not. I’m just back from an assignment in Warwickshire that brought home once again how fleeting life really is – how we really must appreciate every day to the full, it is so poignant when you watch someone in the final days of their lives. On my last morning I popped out into the garden, it was a misty kind of day and the garden looked beautiful, it too in the last days of this life….the sight of the two chairs, sitting, waiting to be filled again, really caught at me…..I know that one of the two will never be filled again.

a garden in warwickshire



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Spring colours in Golders Hill Park

I’m in the process of moving all my photos to Dropbox. After mucking up my hard-drive last month I finally caved in and paid for more space in Dropbox so I can safely (I hope) store my photos et al in ‘the cloud’ …..I mean really!!!

Anyway, in order to save space I’m having a blitz on my 2010 photos at which stage I had (still have) a propensity to photograph things from every conceivable angle and then some. So far I’ve deleted over a 1000 images that are either blurry or duplicates of the next five hahahaha.

Whilst clearing out the albums I came across some pics I took of the azaleas in Golders Hill Park when I was on an assignment in the area…..the colours are astounding and you can in fact see this marvellous spring display each year at the ponds.

azaleas in Golders Hill Park

azaleas in Golders Hill Park


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Some years ago I worked on a farm in Woolston in Somerset.  On the grounds nearby the house was a fairly large pond. I used to slip out the house in the early hours before anyone stirred and head down to the pond to catch the sunrise. On one such excursion I was lucky enough to catch a wonderful misty morning…..I spotted this beautiful spiders-web strung with diamonds…..just waiting for the sun!!

spidersweb at Woolston

spidersweb at Woolston

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fox in the garden

ha ha ha!!! I was delighted this morning to see the fox on the verandah….they really do fascinate me so much. There were two of them and they are the cubs I saw a few weeks ago with Mum, on their own now.  Unfortunately someone in the kitchen moved as they came up to the verandah and I only got in a very quick snap of the one.


a wee fox cub on the verandah

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snails in the garden

We woke to an absolute deluge of rain in London this morning; the second such in the last couple of days.  I was standing in the kitchen doorway looking out into the garden whilst drinking my tea and noticed these two creatures slip sliding across the verandah.  I never really stop to look at what are commonly called ‘slugs’ (eurg such a horrid name), but this morning I did….and they are beautiful.  I decided to capture the moment as a reminder of a lovely rainy morning and for the priviledge of having the opportunity to really look at these beautiful creatures.

snails in the garden

snail #1

snails in the garden

snail #2 - loved the spiders web attached to the shell

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