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Time here becomes space

Time here truly becomes space…..Leadenhall Market is timeless; one of the oldest markets in London and one of my most favourite places to visit. The market dates from the 14th century and stands on what was the centre of Roman London.

leadenhall market, city of london, roman history

Time here becomes space

The ornate roof structure, painted green, maroon and cream, and cobbled floors of the current structure were designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones

Typically open weekdays from 10 am until 6 pm.

Location: Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT – access also via Whittington Street


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A portal through time

Temple Church is like a portal through time….

A couple of months ago my daughter, my sister and I spent a day in London, meandering the streets, visiting awesome places, going on a lunch cruise and visiting the 72nd floor of The Shard to see the sunset. On our meanderings, we visited Temple and Temple Church. The history of this place is beyond phenomenal. With links to the Crusades, the Magna Carta, the Great Fire of London, WW1 and WW2, and let us not forget The Da Vinci Code 😉 You feel that if only you could tear back the fabric of time, you would be able to experience these events and so much more between.

walking through history

Temple Church, City of London

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My ‘job’ as a Carer for the elderly takes me away from home for at least two weeks of every month, if not three. Every morning when I’m away, I wake, I look out the curtains and wish I was home so I could get out and take photos of the new day…..but when I am home, my bed is usually warm and cosy; I enjoy snuggling on the couch in my gown drinking tea with my daughter and miss the start of the new day. But, my time too is waning,  and I have now made a pledge (as of 01.11.2016), that when I am home, I shall get up as soon as I wake up and go down to the sea and greet the day….

morning sunrise

01.11.2016 Viking Bay, Broadstairs

morning sunrise viking bay

02.11.2016 Viking Bay, Broadstairs

good morning broadstairs

03.11.2016 Viking Bay, Broadstairs

What I love about being in one place is that you can capture the same view, but the scene is different every day.

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In my job I often get to care for and work with people who are at end of life; dying. There are tears, reminisces, anger, aches and pains and sometimes acceptance, sometimes not. I’m just back from an assignment in Warwickshire that brought home once again how fleeting life really is – how we really must appreciate every day to the full, it is so poignant when you watch someone in the final days of their lives. On my last morning I popped out into the garden, it was a misty kind of day and the garden looked beautiful, it too in the last days of this life….the sight of the two chairs, sitting, waiting to be filled again, really caught at me…..I know that one of the two will never be filled again.

a garden in warwickshire


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Halloween Pumpkin

So yesterday I carved my very first Halloween Pumpkin! It’s taken 61 odd years….but hey, who’s counting right!! LOL My daughter was impressed, her boyfriend was impressed, and frankly I’m just a tiny bit impressed myself. It’s not great work of art….but I carved it! 😉

happy halloween

carving a Halloween pumpkin

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