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Sunset in Broadstairs

Although I get to see more of the sunrises than the sunsets in Broadstairs, occasionally the sunset reflects on the clouds over the English Channel giving us an absolute treat.

sunset in Broadstairs

sunset in Broadstairs


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Spring colours in Golders Hill Park

I’m in the process of moving all my photos to Dropbox. After mucking up my hard-drive last month I finally caved in and paid for more space in Dropbox so I can safely (I hope) store my photos et al in ‘the cloud’ …..I mean really!!!

Anyway, in order to save space I’m having a blitz on my 2010 photos at which stage I had (still have) a propensity to photograph things from every conceivable angle and then some. So far I’ve deleted over a 1000 images that are either blurry or duplicates of the next five hahahaha.

Whilst clearing out the albums I came across some pics I took of the azaleas in Golders Hill Park when I was on an assignment in the area…..the colours are astounding and you can in fact see this marvellous spring display each year at the ponds.

azaleas in Golders Hill Park

azaleas in Golders Hill Park


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A family visit

My sister has recently ‘moved’ to the UK to work and live…or live and work depending on which day it is 😉

One of her daughters, who lives in Abu Dhabi along with her hubby and son, paid a visit to England to see London, Liverpool and of course Broadstairs, with a side trip to Sevenoaks.

Unfortunately I was working over the time they were here, but they made a special trip to Sevenoaks to say hello……


from left to right…Ryan, Riaan, Cheri and my sister Sue


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London history

London is amazing, of that there is no doubt. The City of London is a treasure trove of historical events that stretch back through the aeons, to tempt and tease us with their dates. On a recent visit to London we visited Temple Church, site of so many major events in the life of the city. Whilst exploring I noted this particular memorial….those dates!

city of london history

died 27 February 1668

When I see dates like this I want to dig around and find out who Johannes Williams Esq of Minster Court was. What did he think about the Great Fire of London, that burned the city to the ground just two years before he died? Did he lose all his belongings in the fire? What was his occupation? And what was his connection to Temple Church?  By looks of things he was perhaps a foreigner….did he trade here, did he die in London or elsewhere?


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Afternoon Tea 60’s style

My daughter is currently house-hunting. Last week took us to Margate for a few viewings. While we were there, we stopped for afternoon tea at the Walpole Bay Hotel. I love this particular hotel. It has that 50’s / 60’s seaside resort type decor going on. Lots of bits and bobs of old stuff is littered everywhere. The settees are leather, wide and deep, the kind you sink into. The lift is in a word; ‘ancient’. It even smells like a 50’s hotel and the dining room is typical of that era. I hope they never change it.

afternoon tea at the walpole bay hotel margate

Afternoon Tea – love the silver teapots…..

The scones were fresh and slightly warm, just the way I like; delicious. The only thing they could change is the cream….scones with jam and cream NEEDS clotted cream!

afternoon tea at the walpole bay hotel margate

Walpole Bay Hotel, Margate


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