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sunrise in Viking Bay

I arrived home on Tuesday evening after a two week stint in Great Malvern, and to my annoyance I woke up just after 6:30 this morning (it’s annoying coz when I can sleep late, I don’t LOL). But the benefit of waking early is seeing the sunrise. So after peeking out my window and seeing a pink flush on the clouds I quickly pulled on some clothes, grabbed my camera and keys and dashed down to the esplanade. Although a heavy cloud cover had blown in by then, I was still rewarded with a break in the cloud….

sunrise in Broadstairs 29.09.16

sunrise over Viking Bay 29.09.16

I do love being home. The freedom of just being able to go out when I want to is amazing.


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The Old Curiosity Shop

A visit to Broadstairs is like opening a box of chocolates on Christmas Day. I remember the first time I heard about this little town. I was working for a client in Sevenoaks and she told me stories of how she used to take her young family there on holiday each summer. As you do, I formed images in my head of what the place would look like and envisaged a flight of ‘Broadstairs’ leading down to the beach.  Well, the images in my head didn’t match up to the reality…..the reality is wayyyy better. With the Vikings landing here in 475, smugglers tunnels beneath the streets, Napoleon’s Standard being brought here from Waterloo in 1815, then Dickens living here on and off in later years, Broadstairs is awash with history. It also has one of the best darn beaches in Kent.

The Old Curiosity Shop, Broadstairs

The Old Curiosity Shop, Broadstairs

p.s. The Old Curiosity Shop sells a delicious Carrot Cake 😉 (tip: they only take cash)

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sunrise in Malvern

In my job, I am lucky enough to travel to some of the most beautiful areas of the UK. Sometimes I am even luckier in that I get to stay in some superb houses…..of which the current house is a Victorian Gothic 3 story edifice….my room is in the attic…which I adore. It also faces east, and so it is that I get to see some of the most amazing sunrises you could wish to see….lucky me 🙂

travel and work worcestershire

red sky in the morning…Shepherd’s warning…..that sun starts to appear over the horizon…what does the day have in store

travel and work worcestershire

…and there it is…..just peeking over the horizon; is it safe to come out? Yes, I think so…..sunrise over the Severn Valley

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Some years ago I worked on a farm in Woolston in Somerset.  On the grounds nearby the house was a fairly large pond. I used to slip out the house in the early hours before anyone stirred and head down to the pond to catch the sunrise. On one such excursion I was lucky enough to catch a wonderful misty morning…..I spotted this beautiful spiders-web strung with diamonds…..just waiting for the sun!!

spidersweb at Woolston

spidersweb at Woolston

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Happy Birthday Ma’am

I was very very lucky to be able to whizz up to Windsor on the 21st April this year to see The Queen on her 90th birthday.

To my sheer joy and delight she walked right in front of me…..I even managed to squeak out a very excited ‘Happy Birthday, Your Majesty’ as she walked by.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday

This is certainly one of my favourite photos of 2016! And one of my favourite memories.


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