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secrets of London

One of my favourite things to do in London is to uncover the secret places; places hidden away, or places right there before your very eyes, that you wouldn’t know!
On Monday last I set out to uncover a few of these secret places; an occult lodge in a boutique hotel!  My first stop was the Hyatt Andaz Hotel and a Masonic Temple.

a Masonic Temple in London - ceiling

Guarded by heavy, studded doors the Grecian-style Temple is perhaps one of London’s best-kept secrets.  In its time the century-old room was considered one of the grandest Masonic temples with its marble columns & splendid zodiac ceiling; a Gothic show-stopper.
A breath-taking room; decked in twelve types of Italian marble, a stunning blue and gold ceiling decorated with the signs of the zodiac, a magnificent black and white marble floor (worth £2million) and a mahogany throne at either end.  This Grade I listed interior of marble and mahogany was built in 1912 for £50,000, the equivalent of around £4million today.


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