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Winter’s cold fingers creep through the trees…

Well the snow is almost gone now… fact it is 99.999999% gone. Just wee patches here and there, which with one more day like today will soon be gone. 😦 what a shame I loved it. Today was mystically misty which I also love and of course I had to take a few photos… so here is the photo for today.

upper pond in Waterlow Park, which is still mostly frozen over


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snow in London 2010

One of the things I love most about winter in the UK is the possibility of snow and this year has brought an early gift!  I have loved being aboe to get out an take photos of some of my favourite places…..

I just love that stands so tall - majestically surveying the land around

I have managed to take a walk on Hampstead Heath and visited the viaduct bridge which looks ethereal, the pond completely frozen over!

hampstead heath

the viaduct bridge and pond on Hampstead Heath

Winter is prime time for interesting photography and I enjoy walking across Hampstead Heath to see how different it is to summer!

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