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Queen Victoria

Last week I went walk-about through London to gather material, take photos and track the route for my itineraries.  I started off at Green Park station and made my way thru the park to Buckingham Palace.  I have done this dozens of times since living in the UK so the scenery was nothing new.  But…….sometimes the elements conspire to create the perfect setting for a marvellous photo, and this has become one of my favourites.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria memorial at Buckingham Palace


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fox in the garden

ha ha ha!!! I was delighted this morning to see the fox on the verandah….they really do fascinate me so much. There were two of them and they are the cubs I saw a few weeks ago with Mum, on their own now.  Unfortunately someone in the kitchen moved as they came up to the verandah and I only got in a very quick snap of the one.


a wee fox cub on the verandah

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Communing with the Angels

a couple of weeks ago I had the day off and went to St Paul’s Cathedral in London.  It was not the first time I had been to St Paul’s but it was the first time I paid to go in and to do the tour (highly recommended).   While walking about the Cathedral and being overwhelmed by the sheer beauty, I decided to brave the climb and do the Whispering Gallery.  Wow!!! It was quite awesome to see the cathedral from that view.  However, not to be shy I then decided to climb the rest of the stairs to the next level..Stone Gallery and since I was there….climbed even further to the Golden Gallery….this is what I saw: 


view of London from the Golden Gallery of St Paul's Cathedral

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snails in the garden

We woke to an absolute deluge of rain in London this morning; the second such in the last couple of days.  I was standing in the kitchen doorway looking out into the garden whilst drinking my tea and noticed these two creatures slip sliding across the verandah.  I never really stop to look at what are commonly called ‘slugs’ (eurg such a horrid name), but this morning I did….and they are beautiful.  I decided to capture the moment as a reminder of a lovely rainy morning and for the priviledge of having the opportunity to really look at these beautiful creatures.

snails in the garden

snail #1

snails in the garden

snail #2 - loved the spiders web attached to the shell

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