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the language of the angels

Last week I had the great fortune to visit St Paul’s Cathedral in London. 

St Paul's approaching from the intersection of Cheapside and New Change.

 This I had been wanting to do for years and never had the time.  Finally I did, I booked myself onto the ‘SuperTour’ which is 90minutes of sheer unadulterated joy, beauty, inspiration, history, little know facts and pleasure.  I have visited many amazing places; places that give me goosebumps and that I remember for years to come…..however, this is the first time a place has reduced me to tears…..the story of St Paul’s is magnificent to behold and should be told in the language of the angels.  I was a bit naughty though and I guess must have been wearing my tarnished halo that day….coz I took a sneaky picture of the dome from the Whispering gallery 🙂

inside the dome of St Paul's Cathedral - London


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Eel Pie Island – #twickenham

Visited Eel Pie island yesterday – enchanting.

story of Eel Pie Island - Twickenham

we may be in the 21st century, but Eel Pie Island is still living in the 60’s

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The King’s Wardrobe

I had the good fortune to go walk-about through EC4 in London on Saturday.  I started at St Paul’s and meandered my way around streets both narrow and broad, finding amazing sights and beautiful buildings along the way.  I am constantly surprised by the quaint and curious on every trip!

Amongst all the wonderful things I saw on Saturday, I was delighted to find a quiet square just off one of the roads, named ‘The Kings Wardrobe’.  On one of the walls was a blue plaque, and lo and behold…this was really the site of The King’s Wardrobe.

The site of the King's Wardrobe - destroyed in the Great Fire 1666

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