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…and Pooh said “tut, tut looks like rain”.

The last couple of days, no make that the last few days, in London have been absolutely wonderful; long hot sunny days.  Real picnic weather that leaves you wanting to lie on plaid blankets spread out on springy, green lawns; sipping chilled champagne and nibbling fresh juicy strawberries. 🙂

Today was no different with a splendid start to the day, that lasted till just before tea.  At about 4pm after working away at my computer for hours, I made a much needed and welcome cup of tea and sat myself down in front of the window upstairs to enjoy a moment of respite. 

Outside in the holly tree that stands tall and proud, a blackbird trilled his song; a variety of melodies that enchant the senses with it’s range of notes and beauty.

As I looked out enjoying the green of the leafy trees and the song of the blackbird I noticed big black rain clouds approaching fast across the sky….and the words of Pooh; “tut, tut it looks like rain” had barely left my mouth than the rain began to fall – lovely great big, fat plump drops that splashed on the ground, sending a spray of droplets through the air.

Marvellous, cooling rain – feeding the foliage and cleansing the air. Love it. 🙂


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