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a profusion of poppies

beautiful bright orange poppies

Poppies have made their appearance in flambouyant profusion.  I was walking to the store just a few days ago and to my delight I came across these gorgeous poppies.  A brilliant orange colour that just brightened up an already beautiful day.  On closer inspection I noted with pleasure that there were a number of bees zipping about between the blooms! What a delight.

bee flying into the bloom

bees in the bloom collecting nectar


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a fox in the garden

I was delighted and amazed just the other day when to my surprise the fox came right up onto the verandah.

fox on the verandah, looking quite skitterish

fox eating the food left out.

I think it’s a female, but it’s difficult to tell.  what I do know it that this creature is in a poorly condition. This fox has returned a number of times since this photo.

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Trooping the Colour June 12th 2010

I had the great good fortune to attend this magnificent ceremony on Saturday last.

I have been in the UK for almost 9 years now and this is the first time I have been able to attend.  It was with much excitement that I set off for central London to stake my claim to a great position for viewing the whole thing.  I took dozens of photos (as I do) 🙂 and I would love to post them all. But instead I shall post the 2 that had the most significance for me, albeit for different reasons.

It was a wonderful day, we were blessed with cool cloudy skies that suddenly cleared for the flypast and I loved every minute of it all.

Queen Elizabeth II returning to the Palace for the flypast


the Red Arrows fly-past leaving a plume of red, blue and white in their wake.

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…and Pooh said “tut, tut looks like rain”.

The last couple of days, no make that the last few days, in London have been absolutely wonderful; long hot sunny days.  Real picnic weather that leaves you wanting to lie on plaid blankets spread out on springy, green lawns; sipping chilled champagne and nibbling fresh juicy strawberries. 🙂

Today was no different with a splendid start to the day, that lasted till just before tea.  At about 4pm after working away at my computer for hours, I made a much needed and welcome cup of tea and sat myself down in front of the window upstairs to enjoy a moment of respite. 

Outside in the holly tree that stands tall and proud, a blackbird trilled his song; a variety of melodies that enchant the senses with it’s range of notes and beauty.

As I looked out enjoying the green of the leafy trees and the song of the blackbird I noticed big black rain clouds approaching fast across the sky….and the words of Pooh; “tut, tut it looks like rain” had barely left my mouth than the rain began to fall – lovely great big, fat plump drops that splashed on the ground, sending a spray of droplets through the air.

Marvellous, cooling rain – feeding the foliage and cleansing the air. Love it. 🙂

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