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on golden pond

I was in Highgate for the afternoon yesterday and took a stroll down to the ponds on Hampstead Heath. I was last at the ponds about a month ago and my word how green it has become since I was last there.  The sun was beginning to set and the foliage at the ponds looked lush and green touched with a golden tinge; beautiful.

the duck pond at Hampstead Heath ponds


London in the summer is such a gorgeous place, and this year in particular it is so very green.


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a trip to Cottenham, Cambridgeshire

I recently spent 5 days in a quaint English village that goes by the name of Cottenham. (see my blog on Whilst there I had time to explore and discovered many interesting houses and nooks and crannies.  Of course as is usual I took loads of photos, but this is my favourite.  I adore Gothic architecture and this is just marvellous.

detail above the front door of the Gothic House, built in the 1730's


I also had a chnace to visit the Cottenham Moat, listed by English Heritage as a scheduled ancient monument.  The remains of an old Saxon settlement.  A beautiful area, filled with wild grasses and the sound of birdsong

Cottenham Moat, and area of natural beauty and birdsong

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Why do people travel?


Travel; what is it about that word that conjures up a whole vista of possibilities?

Could you imagine what your life would be like without travel? Is it possible to not travel? Whatever you do and whatever your reason, travelling is a part of most people’s lives.

punting beneath the Mathematical Bridge on the River Cam in Cambridge

For centuries now people have been travelling, not just locally, but right around the world. The reasons over the centuries have been different and yet remain the same, just in a different context. Our forefathers travelled. Ancient civilizations travelled. New world’s were discovered, different civilizations and different cultures. Their reasons for travel were vastly different and yet remain the same; to explore and conquer. We all travel in one way or another.

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St Sepulchre’s lilac tulip

I went walk-about through London yesterday and on my walk I came across the Church of St Sepulchre. In the churchyard were masses of beautiful tulips some pink some lilac. I noticed this particular bloom and just loved the way the petals folded together. The colour is soft as silk, a bit like mother-of-pearl. The St Sepulchre’s Church is mentioned in the nursery rhyme ‘Oranges and Lemons’

liliac tulip at St Sepulchre's

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colours of the spectrum

and now we have bluebells

Spring in the UK is just about the most amazing sight you could wish to behold.  It’s like you have stumbled into a rainbow.  First we have the snowdrops, to herald the new season and reminding us of the magic of new life after winter

first come the snowdrops, a delight in pure white

then we get the daffodils, a wave of brightly bobbing delightful yellow heads, brightening up the world

bright yellow bobbing heads, like a splash of sunshine

 then the tulips unfold a riot of colours, their petals hiding pretty faces 

then the tulips with their fabulous colours

 and then we get the bluebells

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a rainy day in London

Today has dawned bright and wet.  Every thing has been washed clean by the downpour of rain we had last night and looks lovely and fresh.

I grabbed my camera to record a few things and here are some of them.  Please note that none of them are expert photos, just me recording a wet day for my memory box 🙂

1 a rainy day in London

2 no matter which way you look, it's.....

3 wet, wet, wet

4 rain, rain has come to stay

5 raindrops on a spiders web

6 looking wet and bedraggled, 😦 a squirrel sits waiting patiently for food

7 a squirrel at the bird's seed





8 fox on the verandah, looking quite startled but not leaving the food behind

9 foxie eating the food put out 🙂

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