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animal trees

I have many favourite things that I enjoy photographing and one of them is trees, especially old trees that are gnarled and twisted or have fallen over with age.  They have fascinating shapes and I always wonder at the things they may have seen, the memories they hold. I would love to be able to talk to them and enquire, but of course that would put me in the ‘nutter’ category.  So I photograph them instead 🙂

Last weekend whilst on a walk through Hampstead Heath, I meandered as I do,….. and found this fabulous creature. I could not make up my mind which angle I prefer, so have listed both 🙂



and then I found this fabulous old tree and had loads of fun finding shapes.  As a kid I loved to lie on the grass and find shapes in the clouds, and taught my daughter to do the same as she was growing up.  I sometimes find creatures in trees. Here are a few:

alligator rearing

elephant head and trunk

prehistoric skeleton

and then a couple of other weird shapes:

rocky cliffs

a fallen comrade


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