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spring flowers

I have had such fun this spring, taking photos of every flower I see….well almost every flower. My plan was to catalogue the flowers in the area.  It is the first spring since I have been in the country that I have had the chance to do this, it has been fun.

These are a few of my favourites:


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animal trees

I have many favourite things that I enjoy photographing and one of them is trees, especially old trees that are gnarled and twisted or have fallen over with age.  They have fascinating shapes and I always wonder at the things they may have seen, the memories they hold. I would love to be able to talk to them and enquire, but of course that would put me in the ‘nutter’ category.  So I photograph them instead 🙂

Last weekend whilst on a walk through Hampstead Heath, I meandered as I do,….. and found this fabulous creature. I could not make up my mind which angle I prefer, so have listed both 🙂



and then I found this fabulous old tree and had loads of fun finding shapes.  As a kid I loved to lie on the grass and find shapes in the clouds, and taught my daughter to do the same as she was growing up.  I sometimes find creatures in trees. Here are a few:

alligator rearing

elephant head and trunk

prehistoric skeleton

and then a couple of other weird shapes:

rocky cliffs

a fallen comrade

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after the rain

One of my favourite things to do is photograph flowers. I took this one on Sunday after the rain.

raindrops on a tulip

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a fox in the garden

I have a wonderful place in a corner of the lounge where I sit at my computer.  I have a birds eye-view of the garden and love to enjoy the to & fro of the creatures that visit every day.   One of the most exciting for me is of course the fox and just last week I was lucky enough to see it stroll through the garden in the early afternoon.  It walked right up onto the verandah looking for food and fortunately I had my camera handy!

how lucky that I had my camera handy to capture this moment

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blossoms in the rain

On Sunday last we had a wonderfully refreshing rainfall in the early morning.  The air afterwards felt fabulously soft and luxurious against the skin, refreshing and cool.

I am so used to the heavy lashing thunderous rain of South Africa, that I always find the rainfall in the UK to be incredibly delicate, almost.   Once it had stopped the sunlight on the trees and plants cast wonderful rainbows into the freshly washed sky with tiny little drops perched perilously on delicate blooms.   I grabbed my camera and set off round the garden and this is what I saw.

raindrops on blossoms

rain washed fallen petals

sunlight on the trees

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Fly the #London Eye

The London Eye at 135 metres, is the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, with 40 kilometre panoramic views on a clear day.   It is also one of my favourite places to visit when I go walk-about through London.

It is especially fabulous and takes on a whole new life on New Year’s Eve; a sight not to be missed when you can get to see the most spectacular display of fireworks imaginable.  The crowds are enormous; it’s freezing cold; you stand for ages……and yet it is worthwhile when you hear the gongs of Big Ben strike 12midnight! An experience like no other 🙂

the London Eye at dusk in March 2010 on the River Thames

on a clear day you can see forever 🙂 - The London Eye on the River Thames

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a day out in London 22.04.10

I had to go and renew my passport today. In itself a mission of paperwork and information, and I just realised I gave them the wrong date for my divorce!!! Oh well. Let’s hope they don’t notice.    The weather has been just glorious lately and after I got through the formalities I went walk-about… of my favourite pastimes, especially in London.  There is always something new to see and photograph. Needless to say I took well over 200 photos again 🙂 but here is just one….mmm maybe a few that you may enjoy.

The first thing I noticed that it was business as usual in the sky:

business as usual....the planes are back in our skies

I got into Whitehall real early and the sun was shining right onto Nelsons column at Trafalgar Square!   

sunshine on my shoulder......I bet he would sing that song if he could! Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square

This is one place I never miss out when I go walk-about in London.  This area holds some wonderful memories for me.

so many places to little time! Big Ben in London

By the time I got home late yesterday afternoon, I had discovered muscles and joints I had forgotten about! 🙂

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Today has just been perfect.

I got to spend a few hours with my beautiful daughter as we celebrated my forthcoming birthday….don’t ask how many years please 🙂

Cemanthe at Flute's restaurant where we celebrated my forthcoming birthday

We met for lunch at Flute’s restaurant in Highgate Village and sat outside on the terrace to enjoy the soft sunny day.  I was thoroughly spoilt with lots of little presents filled with all my favourite sweeties from South Africa.  A trip down memory lane 🙂

She is such a brilliant present giver and always knows just the thing, so besides all the lovely goodies, the other gifts were well chosen and things that I will enjoy.

my birthday presents 🙂 goodies galore

We had a delicious lunch of Roast Beef, Roast Potatoes, with seasonal vegetables followed by Pannecotte and Caramel Sauce….yummy, 

pannecotte and caramel sauce

 I broke my no meat rule since it is after all sunday and a roast on sunday is traditional….and it is my birthday, so I am allowed to break the rules.  Well it will be in a few days time.  

I was then suprised with a birthday cake and candles.  She and the waiters sang happy birthday and the other patrons joined in, which was a load of fun 🙂

Happy Birthday

After a few hours of lovely conversation, sharing thoughts and ideas, a pot of tea and a slice of cake, we parted company, she on a bus towards home and me a stroll down the hill to home. 

I then took a lovely walk down at the Hampstead Heath ponds and managed to capture a wonderful sunset.

sunset at the upper duck pond

In all a perfect day.

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to the victor the spoils

I took a walk on Hampstead Heath this afternoon and strolled down to the duck pond which is always entertaining.

While I was there I noticed some egyptian geese swimming about minding their own business…..

egyptian geese, swimming around minding their own business

as I was looking around I noticed a swan bearing down towards the geese, and without further ado it set about seeing them off!  What ensued was a cat & mouse game; back & forth across the pond till the geese gave up in despair and flew off to another pond nearby.

The day was gorgeous, a typical spring day in the UK and it was lovely to feel the suns rays on my face and arms.

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These are a few of my favourite things….

I just love this photo. I took it whilst on a walk through Magadelene College in Cambridge.  It was late afternoon and the sun was shinging down through a gap in the trees and splashed down on these snowdrops.  I love the delicate bell-shaped flowers of the snowdrop and it always reminds me of the Sound of Music!

sunlight on snowdrops 🙂

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